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MeshFlatten is a standalone application. This software can unfold a 3D mesh to be a 2D mesh. The features include:

1. Import .stl file;

2. Unfold 3D mesh to be a 2D mesh;

3. Export the 2D mesh to .stl file;

4. Export the boundary line of the 2D mesh to .igs file;

5. Easy to use. Just click one button to unfold 3D mesh to be 2D mesh.



Tutorial to unfold a 3D mesh to be a 2D mesh

Step 1 : Open the sample file pipe.stl .

Step 2: Click menu 'Mesh->Unfold mesh', the imported 3D mesh will be unfolded.

Step 3: Uncheck menu 'View->mode->Show original 3D mesh' to hide the original 3D mesh model, the unfolded mesh was shown more clearly. Also you can uncheck menu 'View->mode->Show box' to hide the box and uncheck menu 'View->mode->Show Axis' to hide the axis.



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Product Version Download (Trial Version) Buy
Standalone application
MeshFlatten(standalone application)
1.0 21 days trail(2Mb)

buy via ShareIt (USD199)


Mesh to single NURBS(standalone application)

1.0 21 days trail(2Mb)


buy via ShareIt (USD119)


Rhinoceros Plug-ins      

       RhinoResurf for Rhino 4.0

2.0(WIP) plug-in(11Mb) , tutorial(1.3Mb) and sample data(10MB)


buy via ShareIt (USD397 for commercial license)

buy via FastSpring(USD397 for commercial license)



       MeshFlatten for Rhino 4.0

1.0.2 plug-in(84k)

buy via ShareIt(USD199 for commercial license)

Training documentation      
       Tutorial for RhinoResurf 1.1

1.4 MB

       Video for curve network creation using RhinoResurf 1.1 3.8 MB free
       Video for mutiple surfaces creation using RhinoResurf 1.1 3 MB free
       Video for loading RhinoResurf 1.1 435k free
       Video for creating surface from point set 1.1 4.1 MB free
       Video for creating surface from mesh 1.1 1.5 MB free
       Video for creating surface by selecting sub-mesh 1.1 1.1 MB free



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