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OBJ mesh to solid


OBJ mesh to solid is a stand-alone application. This software can let user create NURBS surfaces from the OBJ polygon mesh. The feature includes:

1. Import polygon mesh file formatted by .obj;

2. Create NURBS surfaces from the polygon mesh, the NURBS surfaces are watertight and exact G1 transition;

3. Export the surface to .igs file;

4. Easy to use. Just click one button to create NURBS surfaces from mesh polygon automatically.


Tutorial to create solid from OBJ mesh

It is very simple to create solid from OBJ mesh, the steps are:

Step 1: load your OBJ mesh into software;

Step 2: click menu 'Surface> Blend mesh to NURBS' , the software will create NURBS surfaces from your OBJ mesh automatically. The NURBS surfaces are water-tight and exact G1 transition.

Step 3: save the NURBS surfaces as .igs file. Since the surfaces are water-tight, they can be sewed as solid without changing any geometry by other software.


Step 1 : Open the sample file cup.obj . Typically this file is in the folder named "C:\Program Files\Resurf\Objmesh2solid\".

Step 2: Click menu 'Surface->Blend mesh to NURBS', NURBS surfaces will generate automatically.

Step 3: Click menu 'File->save' to save the surfaces as cup.igs file.

Step 4: Start another CAD software named Rhino, import cup.igs file into Rhino, you will see the NURBS surfaces shown in Rhino in the follwoing picture.


Step 5: Run Rhino command _CreateSolid and select all the surfaces, the solid was created as shown in the following twopictures:




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