RESURF - solution to nurb surface fittingr Computer Aided Design (CAD)
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Download and Install RhinoResurf for Rhino 4 (32-bit) and Rhino 5(64-bit)

Loading RhinoResurf into Rhino 4.0 (32-bit) and 5.0(64-bit)

License Agreement

2. Command Reference

Command Reference













3. Tutorials


Tutorial 1 - Convert a mesh to a surface

Tutorial 2 - Convert a surface from a sub-mesh

Tutorial 3 - Drape a surface over a point cloud

Tutorial 4 - Convert a mesh to multiple surfaces with quad face

Tutorial 5 - Use Fix button to smooth the wavy surface in _RsMesh2Surfs

Tutorial 6 - Convert a mesh to multiple surfaces with trimmed surface

Tutorial 7 - Automatic surfaces (solid) generation from mesh

Tutorial 8 - Single surface from curves

Tutorial 9 - Point cloud to mesh

Tutorial 10 - 6 Steps to create a solid from mesh by using RhinoResurf

Tutorial 11 - Fit mesh to NURBS surface by specifying shape type. ( Command: _RsMesh2Surf in RhinoResurf for Rhino 4 or 5)

Tutorial 12 -morph the geometry from original mesh data to compensated mesh data by using command _RsSurfacemap


Tutorial 13 - Point cloud to trimmed surface

In this tutorial we will how to fit a point cloud to surface by using 4 comands.

Step 1 : Start Rhino.

Step 2: Select Importů from the File menu. Import the point cloud data.

Step 3: Run RhinoResurf command _RsPointCloud2mesh , select the point cloud and click right mouse button. The point cloud was converted to mesh as shown in the following picture:

Step 4: Run RhinoResurf command _RsMesh2Surf . Select the mesh and click right mouse button. A dialog named 'Surface from mesh' shows. In the dialog panel, set 'Max Tol' as 0.5 and set 'Smooth' as 'medium', then click 'Apply' button. A NURBS surface generated.


Step 5: Run RhinoResurf command _RsMeshBdryCurves . Select the mesh and click right mouse button. The mesh boundary lines were extracted and shown. This boundary lines can be used to trim the surface in the next step.


Step 6: Run Rhino command _Trim . Select the boundary line and the surface. A trimmed surface was created. Here we got the final trimmed surface.


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