RESURF - solution to nurb surface fittingr Computer Aided Design (CAD)
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Download and Install RhinoResurf for Rhino 4 (32-bit) and Rhino 5(64-bit)

Loading RhinoResurf into Rhino 4.0 (32-bit) and 5.0(64-bit)

License Agreement

2. Command Reference

Command Reference













3. Tutorials


Tutorial 1 - Convert a mesh to a surface

Tutorial 2 - Convert a surface from a sub-mesh

Tutorial 3 - Drape a surface over a point cloud

Tutorial 4 - Convert a mesh to multiple surfaces with quad face

Tutorial 5 - Use Fix button to smooth the wavy surface in _RsMesh2Surfs

Tutorial 6 - Convert a mesh to multiple surfaces with trimmed surface

Tutorial 7 - Automatic surfaces (solid) generation from mesh

Tutorial 8 - Single surface from curves

Tutorial 9 - Point cloud to mesh

Tutorial 10 - 6 Steps to create a solid from mesh by using RhinoResurf

Tutorial 11 - Fit mesh to NURBS surface by specifying shape type. ( Command: _RsMesh2Surf in RhinoResurf for Rhino 4 or 5)

Tutorial 12 -morph the geometry from original mesh data to compensated mesh data by using command _RsSurfacemap

4. FAQs

Why RhinoResurf register dialog does not display in my Rhino?



Why RhinoResurf failed to be loaded into Rhino?

Question: When I load RhinoResurf plug in into Rhino, the program told me 'unable to load RhinoResurf: initialization failed' as shown in the following picture. Why and how can I do?


Answer: Both Rhino and RhinoResurf have two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit, if you load wrong version into Rhino, this problem will happen. Please do the following steps:

step 1, check your Rhino version, is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

Step 2, If your Rhino is 32-bit, install this RhinoResurf 32-bit: ; If your Rhino is 64-bit, install this RhinoResurf 64-bit:

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