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Recently, RESURF released RhinoResurf Version 1.6. There are two new commands added in this updated version:

1, command RsMesh2StarFace : RhinoResurf defines an open mesh as Star mesh in case that the boundary line is sharp on the position of n points (n>=3 and n!=4) and smooth on anywhere else. The command can automatically fit Star mesh into a single Star Face which contains several NURBS patches with extact G1 continuity transition on the common boundary line and the singular Star-Point.

The following picture shows a star mesh where there are 6 sharp corners:

The following picture shows the NURBS surfaces converted from the star mesh:

The zebra analysis shows the NURBS surfaces have exact G1 continuity transition:

2, command RsFillMeshholes: this command can automatically fill mesh holes with triangle elements, the topology connectivity of the new mesh is kept clean.

The following picture shows a mesh with two holes:

The following picture shows that the two holes was filled:






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